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Egg muffins

2 Nov

I’ve had eggs cooked in almost every way possible except poached and the other day I tried something new; egg muffins! No, they’re not flour based or a cake, they’re named muffins because they’re baked in a muffin tin. What I like about this recipe is tha it is quick, easy and you can use whatever you have in your fridge.

This recipe makes 6 muffins
3 eggs
cayenne pepper
Pink Himalayan Salt
Black Pepper
Crushed red chilli flakes
Crushed cumin
Crushed corriander seeds
Chilli powder
1-2 fresh green chillies
Fresh corriander

Any veg you have lying about:
Sliced spring onions/the white of leeks and some of the green bits
Cherry/Plum tomatoes

Any meat you have in the fridge (optional but more protein is good):
Left over roast chicken, Prawns etc.

Simply throw it all into a bowl, whisk with a fork and divide into lightly greased/oiled muffin tins. Pop in the oven on Gas Mark 6ish for about 15 minutes. Serve with salad or have them as a snack. They can last a good couple of days but they’re so quick and easy to make I’d rather have them fresh. Re-warmed eggs are a bit weird I think.

Thoughts on blogging and writing recipes

2 Nov

Before I begin posting recipes I should probably tell you I love procrastinating, I hate blogging and I never measure any of my food. Unless it’s a new recipe or it’s for a baked dessert and it requires measuring then fine. But all meals are just eye-balled.
I absolutely LOVE chilli and spicy food so chilli flakes will feature in most recipes and if I mention certain herbs or spices being used then I won’t measure in teaspoons or whatever, unless it’s salt. I only use pink Himalayan salt and it’s pretty strong so usually just a pinch of that goes into food. I do everthing to taste and if it’s something I love I can sometimes over do it. Other things I love are cumin, corriander (seeds and fresh), lemon and pepper.

When I said I procrastinate it’s more because I’m a busy person and I’ve only recently completed my univeristy studies so I’m stuck in my student ways a little. As for blogging, I don’t really see the point of it but I’m only doing this one because I need a ‘recipe book’ and somewhere to write down recipe ideas I like. If you’re wondering “Why doesn’t she just write in a notebook?” it’s because my handwriting sucks. When I make notes, I can’t read it. My handwriting is constantly in illegible font and besides, if I wrote a recipe book for myself it would never get done, however, if it’s for the public then there’s more of a chance that I’ll actually do it.

When my procrastination/lack of time/hate for blogging all come together it means there may be periods of nothing going on here and then suddenly if I am bothered you may have a few posts in one day… you have been warned!