Stuffed pan-fried salmon

After making this, I think I love salmon.

Before I give you the ‘recipe’ I should probably state that I unintentionally cooked it how is should be cooked. What?! I mean, I used to like my meat and fish cooked so much that people would class it as overcooked. I have a thing about raw looking meat on my plate, it’s not right, I don’t know how people eat it.
But anyway, this salmon fillet, it was my version of undercooked but a normal person’s version of properly cooked, you know, the kind you’d expect to given in a 5 star restaurant.
I can’t tell you how gorgeous the skin was… something I really disliked in the past. Skin to me was always gooey and gross. The way it’s cooked here makes it cripsy yet succulant and the buttery taste is really nice too!

You’re probably wondering how I stuffed a skinny little fillet too… it’s actually simple.
Take a knife and cut a ‘slit’ through the side of your salmon fillet going along it. It’s should be about halfway between the skin and top of the fillet and by ‘along’ I mean a slit going horizontally, (from left to right) NOT vertically (top to bottom)… That’s called cutting!

Fresh Lemon
Ghee or Butter
Olive oil (just a few drops to prevent your butter from burning when you fry your fillet)

Mix a pinch of salt, pepper, dill and lemon and stuff this into the slit of the salmon.
Turn the fillet skin side up and season. Turn back over the right way and season and add dill and a bit of lemon juice.
Melt the ghee or butter in a small frying pan or skillet, place the salmon skin-side down and turn on high to get a night crispy skin. Fry for about a minute to a minute and a half.
Turn the fillet over and cooked for a further 3 minutes on a medium to low heat (if you want your salmon cooked a little more you could probably put a lid on top to steam the fish but careful you don’t make your skin go wet and soggy!). drizzle a tiny bit of lemon on the skin while it’s facing ‘up’, flip the fillet over when cooked, add lemon and more fresh dill. Serve with veg and tomatoes and enjoy!

Dill stuffed salmon fillet served with veg and pan-fried tomatoes

Dill stuffed salmon fillet served with veg and pan-fried tomatoes


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