Egg spring (or pancake) rolls

I love this for it’s simplicity and the goodness you can get from this light meal or breakfast option.

The idea is simple: I love spring rolls and this is healthy alternative.

1 or 2 eggs
sliced mixed vegetables/left over stir fry/bean sprouts etc
Salt & Pepper

Depending on the size of the pan you fry your eggs in, you will need one or two eggs. the frying pan I used was small so one egg was a enough. Whisk the egg and fry like a pancake. Lightly fry your vegetablesĀ  with some S&P or use some left over stir fry as the filling. Place a couple of tablespoons worth into the centre of the egg pancake and then fold the right and left sides over and roll away from you into a sausage-ish shape. Cut in half and serve!


Roast Chicken

Who doesn’t love a roast?!

Chicken thighs/drumsticks with skin.
Cayenne pepper
Crushed chilli flakes
Himalayan salt
Hot piri piri seasoning from Sainsbury’s (yummy!)
Small white onion
No added salt/reduced salt stock cube. If you only have the regular kind, OMIT the above Himalayan salt.

Mix the spices together or spinkle on to the chicken legs. roll them about until evenly coated, place into a small roasting tin. Finely slice 1/2 – 3/4 of the onion, or the whole lot if you love onions. Chuck on top of chicken with about half a stock cube crushed on top. Cover roasting tin with foil and pop into the oven for 20 mins on Gas mark 6, after 10 mins, turn the chicken and add water to create sone sauce, not a lot, just about 1cm deep in the tin maximum. Roast for 10 minutes, turn and roast again just to crispen the skin. The onions should be soft and the sauce should be nice and brown. Not thick because it’s not a gravy.
You could mix the stock cube with a little water and then add it but I do it this way because sometimes, depending on how much chicken you use, you may find you have enough liquid from the chicken fat and stuff. Don’t add any oil or fat to the chicken, all the fat you need is in the skin. And this should be made too often because of the fat content.

Serve with salsa, roast veg, pan fried veg, steamed veg or whatever you fancy and enjoy!

Ezme Salatasi

I thought it’d be cool to use the actual Turkish terminology but what it really means is spicy tomato salad which has been finely chopped… aka Tomato salsa or relish. But we’ll stick to Ezme Salatasi because I like it. Ideally it should be served with grilled or BBQ’d meat but I could have it with almost anything thing because it’s so tasty maashaaAllaah!
I was inspired by my weekened lunch at a halaal Turkish restaurant. This salad was the highlight of the lunch. I’ve made it twice already and would have made it again only I ran out of cherry tomatoes.


20ish cherry tomatoes (make sure they’re sweet)
Half a green bell pepper
Half a small red onion or 1-2 ‘sprigs’ of spring onion
1 fresh green chilli
Cayenne pepper
Crushed chillie flakes
Pink Himalayan salt
Dried or fresh mint (fresh is better!)
Fresh corriander

The method is simple. Chuck everything except the tomatoes into a mini food processor and blitz until finely chopped but NOT mushy. Add the tomatoes, blitz for a few more seconds until the tomatoes are chopped/semi-mushed. If you have a few large chunks, don’t worry about it, I like the rustic look it has.

By the way, some people deseed the tomatoes and lose the extra juices. It should be illegal, for real. Tomato juice and seeds = yum!

Apologies for the bad photography (as always), it’s kind hard to focus on mush especially when you’re only using one hand and the lighting is poor at night. Enjoy!